no matter what quality of the app lets on. Registering as a New User. Yes For details on adding a driver's license or credit card to your account, see the Identification Sharing our season tickets through public giveaways gave us so much more than we gave away. This takes you to the Flash Seats site, A full-service national event ticket marketplace. No more paper tickets to forget or misplace. Review your transfer history within the AXS app by clicking on MY EVENTS and selecting TRANSFERRED. the email address that you will use to log in to the Flash Seats site. WebTo access Flash Seats' web site, go to Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Round of 32 - LA Galaxy v. Seattle Sounders FC. How do I know this is a secure method? Log in to Flash Seats page appears, where you can log in to the Flash Seats Your Privacy Choices | you verify your email address, your account will have limited access--you will Important! Please go to and create an account with the email address you used to purchase tickets. Seats, copy the verification code that appears in the email, paste it into the verification What are the last four digits of your driver's license? WebOpen the AXS app Sign in or create an AXS account. section. The organization has made my father and I feel like we're VIPs. WebCheck out the promotions calendar here and get your tickets today! Its up to the promoter, artist, or team if you can sell tickets or not. Dont worry your tickets are still 100% authentic and will get you to your event. No. You can establish a login ID through Customer Service Please visit our Support page or by email at We love that we get access to the kids area upstairs and my children love that they get to see Clutch and the power dancers. The Terms and Conditions Flash Seats is available for 2006-07 to all season ticket holders who wish to participate in the FREE service. As long as there are people who have tickets to sell, AXS Official resale is the best & safest place to find tickets and the only verified marketplace where fans can connect to buy and sell tickets. The New User Registration page appears. Theyll just have to create an AXS account to claim their tickets. If you agree to both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and the terms incorporated Resell Tickets You Cant Use Your AXS Mobile ID is the secure and unique code for all of your tickets, and all you need is the AXS app to use it (iOS or Android). What was the last name of your third grade teacher? Entering the Venue. WebUsing the FlashBoard. The special events throughout the year give you the opportunity to meet the players, and for me, that is the icing on the cake! Sign into your AXS Account and click Listings. Use prohibited without written consent. Chris Costa. Not only do the season tickets afford us as an organization to provide quality entertainment with a reputable brand at an amazing venue, it is a phenomenal business investment. this page using your email address. Dad raised me going to Rockets games at The Summit and now I take him to the Toyota Center. be able to browse the Buy page and view events for which tickets are available, Select the tickets to sell, and then set your price and selling options. Many fans find it best to TRANSFER the seats to their guests prior to the event. You may also review your transfers and purchase history at Read the entire Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. Tap Tickets or QR Code to login with your Flash Seats credentials 2. You can also create an account without purchasing tickets by going to and enter some very basic account information. WebFlash Seats is changing its name to AXS Mobile ID. Lists Featuring This Company No paper tickets required. choose from the following options: What are the last four digits of your Social Security number? To adjust your current payment plan or provide us with updated payment information, simply contact your personal service executive or call 713.758.7330. Theyll also need to get the AXS app. Electronic Ticketing Unique Aspects of the Online Marketplace Security Contacting Flash Seats. Generally, these are your options: Remember, you can remove your listing at any time (as long as tickets havent sold). Account Summary. They are similarly ranked in the Entertainment category, so Flash Seats isnt just some one-off unused app. Houston RocketsMembership Team. In the Tickets menu tap Manage My Tickets and choose the game you wish to transfer. Discover the log in doesnt work on AXS. Select the tickets to transfer and enter the recipient's information. The registration process is simple and requires Use prohibited without written consent. to open an account with Flash Seats. tickets, you need to register. WebITS EASY TO MANAGE YOUR EVENT SUITE WITH FLASH SEATS! WebIf you arrive at an event and have questions or problems entering, go to the Flash Seats Resolution Window at the Box Office. a verification link and code. Safer and Impossible to Counterfeit To use the Flash Seats site to buy, sell, or transfer Site Map | When its time for the event, they can open the app to show their tickets on their phone. may not be valid. Attendance Summary. At every entrance of The Q there will be a specially marked Flash Seats gate, where instead of presenting a ticket, the seat-holder presents an electronically embedded credit card or drivers license to a Quicken Loans Arena Guest Services Representative. AXS Official Resale is the best way to sell your seats because it is the official marketplace endorsed by the venue. After opening the email, the transferee creates their own Flash Seats account and can then use their personal identification to enter the arena. Your guests will need to create an AXS account to receive tickets. The New User Registration page marks each required field with an asterisk*. Sr. Director of Membership Services. Once I have downloaded the AXS App and AXS account, do I have to accept the transfer every time? WebFlash Seats makes it easy for fans to manage their tickets online. What is AXS Official Resale and where do the tickets come from? Call Season Ticket Sales - (713) 259-8402. Our mission is to deliver exclusive and valuable experiences that complement your in-seat experience with the finest off-court benefits. Using the FlashBoard. specify the provisions that you agree to by opening an account Why did the venue decide to use AXS Mobile ID? Youll be able to transfer money to your bank from your account on WebFind company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for Flash Seats LLC of Cleveland, OH. account, click the click here link next to the Email Address field. Guests can transfer the tickets back to you if they cant attend or you can cancel the transfer if they have yet to set up their AXS account. Once you register successfully, a message appears telling you that your account You must be 18 years of age or older to register with the Flash Seats system, but fans under 18 can add their ID to another account holder's account (e.g., teenage children can add their IDs to a parent's account). It still works the same way as before. Your Flash Seats balance is the amount of money you have in your Flash Seats account. This money comes from tickets you've sold to other Flash Seats account holders. To access the Balance page, click Account. The Account Balancepage appears. It doesnt get much easier than that. It allows you to buy, sell, or transfer tickets to events. For more information on tickets and ticket packages, please contact the Astros Ticketing team today or fill out the request form below. Click the Transfer button next to the event in your AXS account. How will I know if my transfer was successful? We began using our season tickets to show our appreciation for certain clients and employees. | site. Yep! After securing your Full, Half, or Quarter Membership, this membership will automatically renew each season using your preferred method of payment and payment plan. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. The recipient will get an email about the transfer, and theyll need to create an AXS account (if they dont have one yet) to complete the transfer. The FlashBoard appears when you log into the Flash Seats site. It gives you a summary of your Flash Seats account and includes five sections that detail your specific activities: Selling Summary. It still works the same way as before Dont worry your tickets are still 100% authentic and will g Tue, 8 Dec, 2020 at 1:19 PM. Tue May 16, 2023 - 6:00 PM. address for security purposes. I love being part of the Rockets family! WebYour AXS Mobile ID is the secure and unique code for all of your tickets, and all you need is the AXS app to use it (iOS or Android). Flash Seats is the official secondary ticket marketplace of the Cavaliers. but you will not be allowed to place a bid on tickets or buy them. Fans can manage tickets digitally, transfer or sell tickets when needed (if applicable), and remain assured that all tickets are authentic and secure. After that, the tickets will be theirs to use with the AXS app. Flash Seats uses security questions and your answers to verify Note:The ability to buy, sell, or transfer tickets varies by each team or organization that participates in the Flash Seats service. Through Flash Seats, the season ticket holder also has an easy, secure marketplace for selling their seats for fair market value. 4. Bidding on and Buying Tickets Viewing Your Tickets This digital ticketing system will register the new card on Flash Seats ( same login as and remove your old card. Managing Your Account. Anyone over 18 years can register with the Account Summary. Backed By 20 years of Industry Expertise, Flash Furniture Empowers You to Embrace Your Space. to arriving at the venue. Otherwise, youll get an email letting you know you need to create an AXS account to claim the tickets. Chandra Franklin Womack Member Since 2016. Transfer Summary. field on the site, and then click the, a valid credit or debit card (recommended). Access to Exclusive Members only events like Meet the Players Party, Paint the Ice, State of the Franchise, and more. Buyers get tickets delivered straight to their AXS accounts, and sellers get paid by direct deposit. See the following sections for details on your account: Account Balance Financial Accounts Profile Options Email Identification Account Balance Your Flash Seats balance is the amount of money you have in your Flash Seats account. WebWhat is Flash Seats? It is the only team-authorized marketplace for the re-sale of tickets above face value. No more paper tickets to forget or misplace. When I sell tickets, do I have to deal with the buyer? For more information on Flash Seats CLICK HERE. If you see a Sell button next to your tickets in your account, you can sell them! Your tickets will be transferred via email and must be displayed on the Flash Seats Mobile App to enter the venue available on iOS and Android . The card is swiped with a hand-held device that prints a receipt that identifies the seat location. Buying Summary. Email Phone 713-758-7378. It still works the same way as before Dont worry your tickets are still 100% authentic and will get you to your event. sell tickets, you need to register a valid form of ID to your account. Note: If you already have a Flash Seats Our partnership with the Rockets has been extraordinary. It gives you a summary of your Flash Seats account and includes five sections that detail your specific activities: Selling Summary. If you do not currently have an AXS account you will be instructed to create one during your purchase. In what city did you meet your spouse/significant other? Forgot Your Password? The convenience factor for Flash Seats is huge, said Estis. 3. Some of the possible errors you may see include the These options may also vary by event. Transfer Tickets with Ease click the, If you're verifying your email address right after you registered with Flash When you arrive at a venue, Flash Seats verifies your identity It eliminates paper tickets and allows you to enter the venue with your AXS Mobile ID and manage your tickets digitally. For details on the registration process, see the following sections: The New User Registration page gives new users the opportunity What is your oldest sibling's birthday month and year? Yes No Still Need Help? All Rights Reserved. Flash Seats and the Flash Seats logo are trademarks of Flash Seats, LLC. WebFlashseats Com Login Mindanao Times Flash Seats 206 Reviews Denver Co Yelp The Ncaa Ticket Exchange Is A Safe And Easy Way To Your Men S College World Series Tickets If You Are Unable Att Junior Jazz Ticket Redemption Process 2017 16 What Is Flash Seats An Identification Based Ticketing Service That Combines Easy Access To Events
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